Deschloroketamine- a detailed description

Deschloroketamine- a detailed description

Often people bogged down by the pressures of daily life resort to use of certain drugs which create a virtual euphoric state of mind and a temporary escape route. One such drug is the Deschloroketamine or DCK as it is known in brief. It is always better to know more about them before usage. This is because while benefits are there certainly, you need to be aware of the disadvantages of using this kind of addictive medicine for long.

Other updates and forms of dosage

It is usually used for veterinary care and occasionally for human medicinal practices. In fact, it is sold in crystal or liquid form as a kind of anesthetic. The dosages include injections, mixtures in drinks or potions, added to cigarettes or joints and so on.  It was placed on the list of controlled substances in the US in the year 1999.

As it has often been reported that the user who has consumed the drug finds it difficult to restore his state of normalcy and has difficulty in visions and movements, it is also termed as a “ date-rape” drug. This is because any person who has administered the dosage to the user would find it perfectly fine to influence the drugged individual, particularly if a woman, to further his own ends, often resulting in disaster.


Other than negative impacts of dizziness, vomiting, immobility, increased or decreased heart rate and blood pressure, disastrous respiratory problems have also been reported. You can even lose your memory in particular cases if the dosage has been administered on a strong level. These are some of the biggest disadvantages of this drug.   At the highest dosages, the users come close to a  near death or out of body experience which has been termed as a “ K-Hole” effect.


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